One Point Perspective

This picture is neat because if you look at it closely, it really shows the power of point perspective.  The cow at the back, which is bigger than both of the humans in real life, looks as if it were not even half the size of the humans in the picture, making it look as if it were far away.  I thought that this was a really neat thing that you could do with one point perspective.

This second picture is by Edward Kasl.  It is also another neat picture in my opinion.  I thought that this must have been a difficult picture to draw.  Not only did it incorporate many straight lines, but it also had cars and other curved lines that it also had to make look as they were getting further away.  This is why i thought it was a neat image and took a lot of skill to draw.

This last image is called Bedroom.  It was created by Tim Kakarat.  I chose this photo because it is designed to look incredibly realistic.  Most teenagers bedrooms look somewhat similar to this piece of art.  I this it is neat that one point perspective makes something look realistic.  Even though we know that walls dont actually get shorter when they’re further away, but they do look they they get shorter.  I think that this picture does an excellent job of showing this


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